Alpines – Another River

Immediately captivating in sound even if not on paper to those of us who love indie boys with guitars, the new album from Alpines could be a game changer for my Spotify at least. They’re loved by the mainstream fashion industry, but musicians have got to make money somehow. The London duo – Bob Matthews and CatherineContinue reading “Alpines – Another River”

Alex Niven – 33 1/3 – Definitely Maybe

For so many people, Definitely Maybe was and continues to be a vital, visceral piece of art, the start of something new and exciting. Taking it as not just a collection of eleven songs but a cultural artefact, Alex Niven’s analysis of the album, in the 33 1/3 series, focuses upon the elements of earth, waterContinue reading “Alex Niven – 33 1/3 – Definitely Maybe”

Tahiti 80 – Bang

The latest track from Parisian indie pop outfit Tahiti 80, the title track from new EP Bang starts with a pulsing intro with a small nod to electro synths that never really takes off to the giddy stratospheres it good, but evolves into something of a flickering pop vibe, with simple lyrics that will noContinue reading “Tahiti 80 – Bang”

A picture paints a thousand notes?

What makes a good album cover? Through my various musical activities, I have recently been through the rigmarole of deciding upon artwork for a debut album, and a few singles too. Even if the days of digital downloading, when a 300×300 pixel thumbnail is the way the majority of people experience the artwork, this stuffContinue reading “A picture paints a thousand notes?”

ScenicLife – a shot in the arm for you

If guitar music is dead, rock’n’roll redundant and music stars fading, what are ScenicLife doing here? Ready with that ‘shot in the arm’ that Jim Chancellor of Fiction records is adamant guitar music needs, the first four tracks from Scenic Life (Lawrence Bray on vocals and rhythm, who shares the songwriting with Daniel Dodson, alsoContinue reading “ScenicLife – a shot in the arm for you”