The Colorines

Despite their vibrant name, and the fact that their new single Pseudocide sways like one who has overdosed on cherryade and blue smarties, NYC’s The Colorines can be dark – although in quirky ways. ‘Everybody said I was gay, and everyone thinks I’m retarded’ they croon, telling a tale full of glorious gallows humour at theContinue reading “The Colorines”

The Prettiots – Anyways

‘You broke me, but I wasn’t yours to break.’ sing Kay Kasparhauser, Rachel Trachtenburg, and Lulu Prat, aka The Prettiots on Anyways. The blonde New York trio may look and sound cutesy, with their sidelines in jewellery making and modelling, but with a clever snarkiness and a punk vibe to their ukelele driven tunes that stumble roughly aroundContinue reading “The Prettiots – Anyways”

Pine Barons

Forming in the basement of Keith’s parents house whilst the guys were still at school in New Jersey, Pine Barons (Keith Abrams, Brad Pulley, Shane Hower and Collin Smith) write tunes constructed of off beat rhythms underneath simple chord structures. Yup, these guys aren’t rewriting the rule book, but that’s why they work. Last yearContinue reading “Pine Barons”

Shy Around Strangers

Shy Around Strangers Shy Around Strangers EP Released August 25th 2012 NYC band Shy Around Strangers create the kind of music that would not have sounded out of place in the dark clubs of the 80s, all romantic grooves, gritty basslines and melodic synths. Singer Emily delivers husky vocals that hover the line between sexyContinue reading “Shy Around Strangers”