Academy Street – Mary Costello

It’s 1962, and Tess is 25. She leaves Ireland for New York, ready to begin her life again. Ireland has an unhappy hold on her. Her mother died when she was a child, the memories haunting her as she grows up in the house where ‘Memories and traces of her mother must linger all overContinue reading “Academy Street – Mary Costello”

Elizabeth Aaron – Low Expectations

Our twenties are a time when expectations and reality tread a murky transient place, and the desire to build our identity comes with more knock downs than we may have bargained for. Twenty four year old Georgie works in fashion, lives in hip East London, spends her days in a perpetual drunk/hangover haze and isContinue reading “Elizabeth Aaron – Low Expectations”

Music & Words – History & Herstory

History – Herstory: two sides Exploring both sides of the story through music and words, Booked and It’s All Happening are celebrating Women’s History Month, by listening to what both the guys and girls have to say. Booked plays host to spoken words events that explore the world through words, collaborating with  the people whoContinue reading “Music & Words – History & Herstory”

Books, books, everywhere

Rachel Hazell sees books in everything. Repetition and order are for her stories and narratives, reminders of her favourite art form. Whether that’s the rows of clothes hanging on the rail next to us in the Kensington shop we meet at (‘like these clothes, the colours, the threads, the textures could be lines of runesContinue reading “Books, books, everywhere”