Kate Havnevik – Falling

Falling off Nowegian pop artist Kate Havnevik‘s upcoming album &I is an abstract and pumping journey of a song, dark and animated and infused with sinister electronica under her sweet whoozy vocals and simmering melody. The album, funded by a Pledge campaign, is to be released by Continentica Records on March 3rd.

Farao – Skin

Shimmering and shattering its way through a tale of an affair, Skin by Farao bristles with melcanholy and strength as it traverses genres. Mixing folk, pop, roots and blues, she blends what us lowly folk may categorise as types into glorious melodies and an enchanting ode, all smoothed together by a hauntingly beautiful voice. TheContinue reading “Farao – Skin”

Bow To Each Other – Darling

Released 22nd November on Diamond Records Taking influences from 80s synth pop and 90s film music are Norwegian duo Bow To Each Other. Having met in Liverpool and bonded over bouncing ideas and inspiration from each other, they spend time between the UK and their native lands creating music like this, Darling, their first singleContinue reading “Bow To Each Other – Darling”

Is there something in the fjords?

Norway. Officially titled Kingdom of Norway, this northern European country of 4.5 million people is best known for its beautiful fjords, cold climate, having the highest GDP in the world…and being a hot bed of musical talent? Harrys Gym and Katzenjammerare two very different, and more than very decent, bands to emerge. The Norwegian seasonal cycles of sixContinue reading “Is there something in the fjords?”