Yuck – Age Of Consent (New Order cover) – Live at RAK

Ahead of next week’s takeover at The Macbeth, Yuck have shared this excellent video covering new New Order’s Age Of Consent recorded at the legendary RAK Studios in NorthWest London. The full set, directed and filmed as a 360-style improvised ‘experiment’ by Michael Lawrence, features recently announced new guitarist Ed Hayes, and includes tracks from the band’sContinue reading “Yuck – Age Of Consent (New Order cover) – Live at RAK”

Youth Lagoon – Raspberry Cane

Music, like the mind, is a complex thing. Some people navigate life via talking, others counter their demons with drugs, and the talented ones use music. Trevor Powers, the man behind Youth Lagoon has been well documented in his use of music to sort his own thoughts and make sense of it all. Describing hisContinue reading “Youth Lagoon – Raspberry Cane”