Demob Happy – Dream Soda

Sometimes you’re just angry and need to get it all out. At least that’s the situation that Brighton grunge band Demob Happy seem to be in, and in getting it out they’ve made an album that is brash, visceral, and arresting. Brutally cynical about the record industry in which they operate (In an interview withContinue reading “Demob Happy – Dream Soda”

The Manic Shine – Let Go Or Be Dragged

Rock band The Manic Shine claim to have discovered an illness called ‘Sickotrashmusicitis’. Described as the ‘chronic feeling of lethargy and nausea when listening to music on mainstream radio’, it seems to have only one cure. No prizes for guessing what that might be. It’s a fun quote that does an excellent job of signallingContinue reading “The Manic Shine – Let Go Or Be Dragged”

She Bop: The Definitive History of Women in Popular Music

byLucy O’Brien Imagine changing just one word in the title. The Definitive History of Men in Popular Music. Sounds weird doesn’t it? Like so many areas of life, men are the norm, and it is only the fact that women in music are still seen as something of a rarity that makes the subject somethingContinue reading “She Bop: The Definitive History of Women in Popular Music”

Victor Talking Machine – Had Enough EP

Out on November 11th You might think that the idea of taking a new approach to British guitar pop is laughable – it’s all been done, or at least bands appear to think so, given the rate at which it is rehashed  (Viva Brother, anyone?). Stoke Newington based Victor Talking Machine seem to have doneContinue reading “Victor Talking Machine – Had Enough EP”