Night Engine – Give Me A Chance

Sometimes I wish I had been born in the eighties. Thankfully the best bits are on their way back – synth fuelled melodies, disco grooves, hand claps and disconnected chanty vocals. A la Night Engine. Check out the video from Give Me A Chance (hey hey!), listen to the beats and go wild with thatContinue reading “Night Engine – Give Me A Chance”

Live At Leeds 2013

Leeds is a city brimming with musical talent and enthusiasm, every northern street oozing some kind of inspiration and output, and the annual Live At Leeds festival sees a whole host of bands join the homegrown musicians to celebrate and showcase the best in new music. This year, the city slicking festival’s seventh year, sawContinue reading “Live At Leeds 2013”

Live At Leeds 2013

  It’s important to know (and I say this as someone who lives in London and grew up dreaming of doing so) that the capital is not always where it is at. Cities across the UK are bubbling with creativity and musical delight, and in fact the more succinct style of many cities means thatContinue reading “Live At Leeds 2013”

Three for Free

October 29th 2012 Nothing ghoulish or scary in Halloween week, but all free, free, free as a bird. Night Engine – On and On Insistent and swelling, On and On by Night Engine has a funky formation that is worlds away from the current craze for soundscape and wafty whoozy ambience. Forming only this year, theContinue reading “Three for Free”