New music festival hits Peckham Rye

Peckham Rye Music Festival announces it’s inaugural multi venue London festival launching in May 2016. Taking place across 13th – 15th May across hip and vibrant venues such as The Bussey, CLF, Rye Wax and The Nines, this highly new weekend festival will celebrate the local music scene and the hive of creativity taking place inContinue reading “New music festival hits Peckham Rye”

Black History Month – Making a difference with diversity

‘Too white, too male, too middle class.’ It’s a soundbite we hear too often in the UK, and in 2013 was the words of an independent review Government review into skills and leadership in the voluntary sector, led by Dame Mary Marsh. October is Black History Month, a time to celebrate and acknowledge black history,Continue reading “Black History Month – Making a difference with diversity”

Scriggler: Live

A night of creativity and inspiration for the thinking person Music and words, stories and songs, poetry and performance all come together at The Harrison Bar, London, on Thursday 18th September for Scriggler: Live. Celebrating the launch of Scriggler, a hub for words, a magazine, social network, publishing and blogging platform for anyone who wantsContinue reading “Scriggler: Live”

Whose job is recycling anyway?

Rubbish is bad, recycling is good? Right. But who’s job is it? Should each individual take responsibility, or is it up to the government to encourage, coerce, or force where necessary, people to recycle their unwanted goods and packaging. Targets have been set for the UK. By 2020 the UK is expected to have reachedContinue reading “Whose job is recycling anyway?”

Den Haag – Trials and Tributes

Formed in early 2012, Den Haag are looking to top off a strong 12 months with the full digital release of their debut mini album ‘Trials And Tributes’. Ranging from the more contemplative ‘Hope And Fade’ to the full on ‘Tensions’, the full release available as of now. Inspired by post-punk-new-wave icons such as JoyContinue reading “Den Haag – Trials and Tributes”