BOA – Steal It

With shimmering effulgence over jerky beats Bristol x Brighton trio BOA explore that age old topic of unrequited love, but with euphoric swoons and escapism. New single Steal It gurgles with relaxed grooves and youthful indulgence, as they seek to capture ‘endless summer days, lost love and being in the moment’ according to vocalist Hugh Reilly-Smith. It’sContinue reading “BOA – Steal It”

Porridge Radio – Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers

Clearly fans of carbs, Porridge Radio’s latest EP Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers is a bright and blustery collection of tunes that covers all the struggles – life, love and boredom. Describing themselves as ‘five idiot savants’ their scrapbook approach to writing, performing and recording sees an eclectic blend of influences touched by crazy imaginationsContinue reading “Porridge Radio – Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers”

The Regrettes – Seashore

At only 15, Lydia Night and the rest of her band The Regrettes (Genessa Gariano, guitar, 19; Maxx Morando, drums, 17; Sage Nicole, bass, 18) might not be able to remember the 60s, but that doesn’t stop them being able to play buoyant and cheeky garage pop infused by the era’s aesthetic. Based in LA,Continue reading “The Regrettes – Seashore”

Sorcha Richardson – Lost

Dublin born and based in New York, Sorcha Richardson sings songs of life, love and loss. So does everyone else you may well say. But in her simple lyrics of stealing your favourite tipple, summers spent in a cider haze, dancing off heartbreak and more, she stands out with the kind of clear storytelling usually only seen inContinue reading “Sorcha Richardson – Lost”

Childcare – Film Club

Because when an email arrives in your inbox about a band ‘channelling post-punk, slacker rock, G-funk and bhangra’ and evocative of names such as Missy Elliot, Police and Graham Coxon, you have to give the tune in question a listen, if only to find out just how such an inventive and eclectic mix of genresContinue reading “Childcare – Film Club”