Attika State – Measures

Alcopop Records Francesca Baker Some things, despite the Boring Police, should not be confined to the pre-adult years. Paddling at the beach. Mini milks. Getting excited about Christmas. And pesky punk pop that conjures visions of a teenage summer full of hormones and heartaches, sand dunes and stubby beers, girls and guitars, short trousers andContinue reading “Attika State – Measures”

Waiting For Winter Love Your Roots Are Showing

Francesca Baker   Having spent three years up in the north east, I don’t really understand Newcastle’s ‘Waiting For Winter’s name – if you ask me, its always ruddy freezing, Winter, Summer, whatever.  Thankfully, I’m far more enamoured by new single ‘Love Your Roots Are Showing’ than I am by the climate up there. AContinue reading “Waiting For Winter Love Your Roots Are Showing”

Malachai – Ugly Side of Love

‘Ugly Side of Love’, this latest offering from the Bristol duo, made to the recipe of the handful of highlights of musical history, lashings of creativity, and a healthy heap of self indulgence , all mixed with vivid imagination is tearing the seams with individuality and excitement. A textured tapestry, this is both uplifting andContinue reading “Malachai – Ugly Side of Love”

Ones To Watch

It tends to take years, or at least months, for bands to form a following, to build a reputation and to get themselves heard. The arrival of January 2011 will not suddenly create a throng of new artists that until now have been hiding away, ready to form on New Year’s Eve and take theContinue reading “Ones To Watch”

Ezra Bang & Hot Machine – What U Can't Kill U Must Envy

And bang. The energy hits you and doesn’t abate throughout the whole record. Rap rock that bears no relationship to Limp Bizkit, the slinky beats of Ezra Bang and Hot Machine slink through the album into your hips, and have them shaking. The sonic narrative is flooded with anguish and rapture, and achieves mesmerising tunesContinue reading “Ezra Bang & Hot Machine – What U Can't Kill U Must Envy”