Mount Song – Halo

Jacob Johansson once went under the moniker Det Stora Monstret (The Big Monster). Despite acclaim for the project, he’s now made a shift, and decided to team up with some pals and launched Mount Song. The eponymous debut album (out on 5 May via Suncave Recordings) is a melding of grunge, folk, and pop, spanning the whole gamut ofContinue reading “Mount Song – Halo”

Clare Fisher – All The Good Things

‘What if you did a very bad thing… but that wasn’t the end of the story,’ reads the blurb. It’s never the end of the story. As you might expect from the title All The Good Things, Clare Fisher‘s novel doesn’t take such a straightforward view. This isn’t a book about good things, but theContinue reading “Clare Fisher – All The Good Things”

Lab Coast – For Now

Smashing out pop beats and hazy guitar hooks since 2008, Lab Coast (led by songwriting duo singer David Laing & multi-instrumentalist Chris Dadge ) have done it again on For Now. Written, recorded and produced in their Calgary basement, their clever and catchy tune is filled with the lightness of spirit and sunny energy they’ve demonstratedContinue reading “Lab Coast – For Now”

Land Of Talk – Inner Lover

Since forming Land of Talk in 2008, Elizabeth Powell has faced some issues. Whether its losing her voice, band members, confidence, father’s illness, or just life, she and her band have been on a journey. As a result the musical output has veered direction – as Inner Lover shows. Gently and enigmatically, there’s been aContinue reading “Land Of Talk – Inner Lover”

No Vacation – Mind Fields

After some comings and goings, break ups and make ups, San Francisco band No Vacation have released their new single Mind Fields via Topshelf Records. Taken from their upcoming collection out in June 2017, the dreamy five piece told The FADER that the track is ‘an ode to breakups inspired and written during No Vacation’sContinue reading “No Vacation – Mind Fields”