A quick chat with catchy AF new band RAMES. Check out their jangly indie pop that has seen them earn comparisons to bands like The Cure and The Night Cafe. Tell me about you. How and why did RAMES begin? Hi we’re a new indie pop band from London. We only recently formed in early 2019 when AlanContinue reading “Introducing…RAMES”

You Tell Me

As one half of Field Music, Peter Brewis has been honing the craft of pop songwriting for almost fifteen years, whilst Sarah Hayes has been exploring contemporary folk in her solo work, and the world of indie-pop via her band Admiral Fallow. Together, they have created You Tell Me, and the pair’s self-titled debut albumContinue reading “You Tell Me”

Little Grim – Silence

A dark and dreamy tune is what’s up next from London band Little Grim. Silence contains infectious beats and simmering riffs, and is accompanied by a video directed by David Ranson that paints a dark but beautiful image of city life and personal struggle. Singer Joe Murphy and guitarist Jeremy Barclay met in a secondary schoolContinue reading “Little Grim – Silence”

Sons Of An Illustrious Father – Extraordinary Rendition

New York City’s Sons Of An Illustrious Father – comprised of Josh Aubin, Lilah Larson, and Ezra Miller – have revealed their latest tune, Extraordinary Rendition. Featuring a video with a dance routine that Steps might undertake were they to go gothic and macabre, it’s a mix of riotous rock and sinister electronic synths.

Spielbergs – We Are All Going To Die

Blistering intensity, anthemic melodies and pummelling rhythms are what Spielbergs trade in, and they showcase their currency well on new tune We Are All Going To Die. It’s the first track from the Oslo trio’s forthcoming debut EP Distant Star, and they have now signed to new British label By The Time It Gets Dark. Evoking bandsContinue reading “Spielbergs – We Are All Going To Die”