My Stories, Your Emails

So I wasn’t expecting to see a minge. Oh yeah, spoiler alert there. In fact, I hadn’t read the blurb. Keen to investigate the Wellington Arts Scene and aware that the New Zealand capital’s annual festival was on, I signed up for tickets for the first thing that sounded as though it might be aboutContinue reading “My Stories, Your Emails”

Die! Die! Die! – Twitching Sunshine

Sometimes a song’s title is enough to describe it. Twitching Sunshine is one such song. New Zealand band Die! Die! Die! have yet again excelled themselves with this bristling slice of sinister electro punk. Melancholy emotions and slight anger at a shrugged off relationship it twitches and swerves, fluttering drums and jerky guitars, maintaining itsContinue reading “Die! Die! Die! – Twitching Sunshine”

Die! Die! Die! & Evans The Death

Hoxton Bar & Kitchen,¬†Friday 22nd March There seems a theme in the names tonight. When I tell my friends what I am up to on this grim and rainy Friday they seem concerned as to how the night will resonate with my swinging moods.¬†No death metal or despondent eulogies here though. Whilst neither band areContinue reading “Die! Die! Die! & Evans The Death”

Blackchords – Blackchords

Not exactly a local band, but if New Zealand band The Flight of the Conchords can be adopted over here, then why not a real life band. Soaking up everything from Nick Drake and Ryan Adams to The Smiths and The Cure, Blackchords ring out from their musical sponge of influences deep and reflective musicContinue reading “Blackchords – Blackchords”