Cultural Guide to Wellington: The Coolest Little Capital

The New Zealand capital of Wellington is a centre of creative activity, inspiring architecture and refreshing natural beauty. I wandered the Wellington streets to discover the most intriguing things to see and do in this highly underrated city. The Lonely Planet has a habit of saying things that have longevity. A few years ago it dubbed WellingtonContinue reading “Cultural Guide to Wellington: The Coolest Little Capital”

The Rimutaka Trail

So just a kilometre from here is the spot they call Siberia,’ Stuart tells me. ‘It gets so windy there that in September a train was blown off the track and ended up suspended, carriages hanging off like a piece of string.’ I’m significantly smaller than a train, balancing on a bicycle, and there isContinue reading “The Rimutaka Trail”

Up With People, down in the Wairarapa

‘In any town there’s a kid with a guitar.’ we both say, gulping down coffee in the early morning sun. As well as both being convinced of this fact, Mark Rogers and I both believe that this, and a bit of ‘get up and go’, is  all that is  needed to start gigs in anyContinue reading “Up With People, down in the Wairarapa”

Ecotourism flourishes when local people are engaged with sustainability – Blue and Green Tomorrow ‘Green’ is a term that has been getting on my goat during my travels. Everyone is green; everyone is eco-friendly. Simply by virtue of operating outside – which let’s face it, we all do at some point, even if only when walking from the front door to the car – seems to allow peopleContinue reading “Ecotourism flourishes when local people are engaged with sustainability – Blue and Green Tomorrow”