Sorcha Richardson – Lost

Dublin born and based in New York, Sorcha Richardson sings songs of life, love and loss. So does everyone else you may well say. But in her simple lyrics of stealing your favourite tipple, summers spent in a cider haze, dancing off heartbreak and more, she stands out with the kind of clear storytelling usually only seen inContinue reading “Sorcha Richardson – Lost”

The Districts – 4th and Roebling

At times rootsy, at times rocking Pennsylvanian The Districts are a complex bunch, especially given that none of them are yet at the legal drinking age in their home country. 4th and Roebling is the lead single from their new album A Flourish and Spoil and is drenched with that east coast garage freneticism that makes for such infectious andContinue reading “The Districts – 4th and Roebling”

Leverage Models

Seizing on electro and drawing on the depths of consciousness,Leverage Models create deliciously vibrant music. A bubbling sonic palette doused in multiple dimensions, the band makes glorious glistening sounds, nuanced with commentary and clever perceptive notes, that pulse with passion, short pounds and reverberating rhythms adding a complexity that never digresses from what it isContinue reading “Leverage Models”


It’s hard to get close to electronic trio WOLVVES, shrouded in mystery as they like to be. I gives= it a go, but like their sound, the answers could be drenched in layers of clandestine and furtive yet frenzied secrecy. Quivering synths, harmonized and fused vocals, the triplets take their classical training in piano, guitar, harpsichord,Continue reading “WOLVVES”

Catey Shaw

Isn’t it funny how what once may have been a byword for cool suddenly becomes a term with which to slate. Take Brooklyn. The neighbourhood is now pilloried for being a hipster cliche as a result of that other dirty word:  gentrification. Catey Shaw was pilloried for her video for debut Brooklyn Girl, people bellowingContinue reading “Catey Shaw”