Nadine Khouri – To Sleep

British-Lebanese songwriter Nadine Khouri has returned with a second single To Sleep lifted from her upcoming 3-track EP A New Dawn, due out October 26th. The beautiful tune is a delicate foray into exploratory territories that shimmers and swells under the direction of her fingertips on the piano. Dreamy melancholia at its best.

Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound

With sonic alacrity and musical ferocity the Leeds trio Menace Beach are back. They return with news of their third album Black Rainbow Sound, which is due out August 31st via Memphis Industries, and are sharing the album-titled first single from the record online now. The pop perfect track is visceral and vibrant, with slicesContinue reading “Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound”

Cults feat. Christopher Owens – I Got Your Message

I Got Your Message is Cults‘ latest track, and it’s a poppy and singalong belter of a tune – there’s even whistles! Starting off with a beating trip down a helter skelter, before embarking on a journey of succint verses and compelling choruses, it’s a sprawling and captivating affair. The band are heading to UK shoresContinue reading “Cults feat. Christopher Owens – I Got Your Message”

Mountain Bike – This Lonely Place

On Mountain Bike‘s new single This Lonely Place the initial gentle lilting tones are soon interjected with a pulsing drum beat and bouyant twang over which lead vocalist Etienne takes on a slacker vibe. The journey then continues with a singalong chorus that is almost Supergrass-esque, before freewheeling back down that mountain with a chaotic spiralContinue reading “Mountain Bike – This Lonely Place”

Rainbow Maniac – Going Out On My Own

Four pals from the Welsh valleys, Rainbow Maniac certainly don’t make the kind of sound that evokes rolling hills and fluffy sheep. Going Out On My Own is the first track from the upcoming EP1 to be released later this year on Phwoar & Peace Records. The frantic and blistering riffs combine old school rockContinue reading “Rainbow Maniac – Going Out On My Own”