Art Brut and Tony Slattery join forces

Art rock heroes Art Brut are back with a new video for their latest single Your Enemies Are My Enemies Too. It’s a riotous piece of tongue in cheek pop rock, in the band’s inimitable style. The video sees Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos and comedy legend Tony Slattery as an estranged pair of retired comic book foes whoContinue reading “Art Brut and Tony Slattery join forces”


Lampland is the music of Brooklyn based Tommy Bazarian, who is about to release his debut album, No Mood. All distorted melodies and broken beats, this is fractured Americana that simmers with beauty.  The colourful arrangements — distorted pianos, Halloween-y synths, and chopped-up drum loops – flicker in their fragments, all linked together by narrative lyrics.Continue reading “Lampland”

Wild Smiles – Never Wanted This

Is it punk? Is it pop? Is it surfer? Who knows, but I like it. There’s no reinvention of the wheel here from Hampshire trio Wild Smiles, just a frantic and fuzzy that slaps you around the face like a thrashing fish whilst you stomp deliriously in a swirl of distortion. New single Never WantedContinue reading “Wild Smiles – Never Wanted This”

PYYRAMIDS – Do You Think You’re Enough?

From Brightest Darkest Day, released on Parachutes on April 9th Coming up from  PYYRAMIDS is their full-length debut, Brightest Darkest Day. Tracks that fuse catchy pop hooks and gloomy dance beats, the melancholic tripping delivery from this new duo is unique and grabbing. As should be the case from a band formed of helmed by TimContinue reading “PYYRAMIDS – Do You Think You’re Enough?”

Free download from Glitches.

Glitches Dust & Shadow If the name ‘glitches’ was a song, it would sound like this. All electro squeezes, dashing arrangements and shadowy vocals. And it would be free to download. Ta da, enter Dust & Shadow, a free download from Whitechapel based band Glitches, to celebrate the release of their new single Leper onContinue reading “Free download from Glitches.”