Introducing…Carnival Youth

Latvian indie trio Carnival Youth have just released their fourth studio album Good Luck and are currently on their biggest European tour. Led by twins Edgars Kaupers (guitar, vocals) and Emīls Kaupers (drums, vocals), they’ve been together for a few years now, and are making waves in the Baltics and beyond. They took time outContinue reading “Introducing…Carnival Youth”


It’s hard to get close to electronic trio WOLVVES, shrouded in mystery as they like to be. I gives= it a go, but like their sound, the answers could be drenched in layers of clandestine and furtive yet frenzied secrecy. Quivering synths, harmonized and fused vocals, the triplets take their classical training in piano, guitar, harpsichord,Continue reading “WOLVVES”

The Away Days

Rarely do bands from Istanbul capture the attention of the mainstream, but The Away Days are getting there, and deservedly so. Fully open about the fact that their name reflects the feeling they have of not feeling at home or belonging, their music has this wonderfully transient, viscous quality, deeply cavernous and deliciously meaningful, asContinue reading “The Away Days”

Sundara Karma – Fresh Bloom

A lovely track bristling with deep russet coloured summer vibes, Freshbloom is the gusting and gorgeous debut single from Reading band  Sundara Karma. Ludicrously young (only 17) yet evidently brimming with talent, this song quivers and quakes with vivid storytelling and bright guitars. The gentle lull in sound (look at the dip on the soundcloud) before itContinue reading “Sundara Karma – Fresh Bloom”

The Outs – Right or Wrong

The sixties and Britpop eras were something of a golden age for music, and The Outs are well aware of this. Noel Gallagher endorses them with Tiago Craneiro’s Liam-esque snarl, this band are oozing Oasis comparisons.  But listen deeper and all they have done is listened to records off their youth, absorbed the influences, andContinue reading “The Outs – Right or Wrong”