Hero Fisher – Life Through Closed Eyes

All shimmering calm and a glittering expanse, Life Theough Closed Eyes is the latest video release from Hero Fisher, from her new album Glue Moon. ‘Glue Moon’, Hero says of her new album, (in part inspired by Marilynne Robinson’s 1980 novel Housekeeping,) ‘is the place in my mind I’d go to when I was writing aContinue reading “Hero Fisher – Life Through Closed Eyes”

Blood Red Shoes – Mexican Dress

The brilliant and brutal Blood Red Shoes have released a new single Mexican Dress and announced their fifth studio album Get Tragic. Mexican Dress blisters and shimmers in a business as usual fashion for the rock duo, all seething and broody. ‘This song is about the lengths people will go to for attention. Whether it’sContinue reading “Blood Red Shoes – Mexican Dress”

Field Mouse – Episodic

Released on Topshelf Records, August 5th Field Mouse are far less timid than their name may suggest. New album Episodic sees the American band (Rachel Browne – vocals/guitar, Andrew Futral – guitar, Saysha Heinzman – bass, Tim McCoy – drums, Zoë Browne – synth/rhodes/vocals) up tempo and angst, with riffs that pound and vocals yearning withContinue reading “Field Mouse – Episodic”

Me And My Drummer – Easy On Me

Dreampop duo Me And My Drummer have just released their new album Love Is A Fridge on Sinnbus, and with it he new video for Easy On Me. Atmospheric dancing and a possessively haunting vibe, it bristles with power in the beats and delicacy in the vocals, clashing pop, dance and electro in a deliriouslyContinue reading “Me And My Drummer – Easy On Me”

Lou Rhodes – All The Birds

Lou Rhodes, formally of Lamb, has announced the release of her fourth album theyesandeye, to be released on newly re-established Nude Records on 22nd July 2016. First tune All The Birds is a rich palette of piano, harp and strings, quivering reverbs and hints of psychedelia, all laced up with her gentle but powerful vocals. A songContinue reading “Lou Rhodes – All The Birds”