Create Festival goes beyond just a day-long festival

Create Festival goes beyond just the day-long festival. It’s about celebrating arts and creativity across the town and region, and supporting artists to have a long career in the industry. On Wednesday 19th June artists, industry professionals, and local people gathered at Lost Sheep Coffee, Ashford McArthur Glen Designer Outlet, for some music, talks, andContinue reading “Create Festival goes beyond just a day-long festival”

Life plans – where next?

We tend to have the idea that once we reach a grand age, say around 21, and have completed university, we will have things all figured out. Often told the importance of studying a subject and getting a degree that will lead to a specific career, it’s a bit disheartening to perhaps realise that you don’tContinue reading “Life plans – where next?”

Speed Listening with The Notewell

Music is a pretty antisocial interest in many ways. Headphones on and plugged in to a different world. A noisy gig where a raised eyebrow and tapping foot are the only possible forms of communication in a room of drowning drums. Where conversations with friends with whom you struggle to convey emotion will always beContinue reading “Speed Listening with The Notewell”