Estrons – Camera

Welsh rock outfit Estrons have released their latest track, Cameras, taken from their forthcoming debut album You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough. Changing tempos, fuzzing guitars and intense vocals from lead singer Tali keep the song grabbing at the listener’s attention. Describing themselves as a ‘heavy pop band’ they’ve already gainedContinue reading “Estrons – Camera”

Flashback Romance – Lucy Mason

Smooth woozy melodies and silky vocals are Lucy Mason’s trademarks, and they’re both out in force on new single Flashback Romance. Twinkling and tender, things start of slow and stripped back, before building up to a a sparkling finish. The song is taken from debut album, due out in two parts over the course of theContinue reading “Flashback Romance – Lucy Mason”

Sons Of An Illustrious Father – Extraordinary Rendition

New York City’s Sons Of An Illustrious Father – comprised of Josh Aubin, Lilah Larson, and Ezra Miller – have revealed their latest tune, Extraordinary Rendition. Featuring a video with a dance routine that Steps might undertake were they to go gothic and macabre, it’s a mix of riotous rock and sinister electronic synths.