Radio radio radio – August 9th

New show from Thoughts & Rhythms, you betcha. 1. Hockeysmith – Let’s Bang 2. The Vickers – She’s Lost 3. TV Girl – She Smokes In Bed 4. Gaoler’s Daughter – St Peter 5. Ghost Outfit – Waste 6. Throwing Up – Medicine 7. Shake the Baron – Ghost Hits 8. To Kill A KingContinue reading “Radio radio radio – August 9th”

Help Secret Rivals make music

Due to the unfair nature of the music industry (nay, life), sometimes the best bands are not the ones awash with the cash to make the music they want to give to the people who want to hear it. To fund some of the recording and production of their debut album, Secret Rivals are goingContinue reading “Help Secret Rivals make music”

Happiness & Penniless

Will music be crunched by the credit crisis? Francesca Baker Sorry if you thought that this would be an 8 page respite from the two words reverberating round the world the past 9 months: credit crunch. The media is as dependent on getting economic woes in their stories as Pete is/was/will never be again onContinue reading “Happiness & Penniless”