YOUR fitting room

Not everyone loves shopping. Not everyone who loves clothes loves shopping. For a start, it requires the not insignificant financial privilege of having enough disposable income to spend on non- essential items. But even for those who can afford to shop just as a pastime or hobby, the experience is not always easy. Think ofContinue reading “YOUR fitting room”

Battersea Arts Centre goes Borderless

Proving that the arts do indeed have no boundaries, Battersea Arts Centre and GOAT Music (former Roundhouse music programmers) have just announced that they will be collaborating this summer to present a broad and diverse multi- genre musical spectacle. Borderless takes place over August and September 2016 and celebrates some of the best homegrown talent and unique artistsContinue reading “Battersea Arts Centre goes Borderless”

MONEY live at The Lexington

November 10th 2015 The Lexington is a small venue, a proper pub with a hipster sensibility. MONEY make big songs, expansive and grandiose. So tonight, it seems a fitting place for a warm up show ahead of the release of forthcoming album Suicide Songs and gigs next year at London’s Village Underground, a step back intoContinue reading “MONEY live at The Lexington”

5×15′s Capitalism and its Discontents, London – review

5×15. Not 75, but an evening of intellect and inspiration. A brilliant concept, developed by journalist Rosie Boycott, her daughter Daisy Leitch and the literary events promoter Eleanor O’Keeffe, the event is a highly relevant literary smorgasbord. Five speakers, 15 minutes each. Sometimes there is no connection between the orators at all; the only linkContinue reading “5×15′s Capitalism and its Discontents, London – review”

Money – 2013 Shadow of Heaven // 2013 best of

Best of 2013 by Jamie Malcolm – follow him @mylittleforts This really is a thing of grandiose and rousing beauty. Heady ideas and themes act as a base for swaying grooves and tender vocals. If they had decided to go the EP route and have that contain the first six tracks then I’d be content forContinue reading “Money – 2013 Shadow of Heaven // 2013 best of”