Motivational Tattoos

Whether it’s a bad mood or severe mental illness, when we’re mentally or emotionally unwell it’s very difficult to fix. Unlike a grazed knee or broken arm there are no bandages or plasters to help the healing process, no spoonful of sweet medicine to ‘make it all better.’ Gone are the days when mum andContinue reading “Motivational Tattoos”

Ramblings, responses and ruminations with the founder of the new Woolf Zine

2016 was a sh*t year for many reasons. But one brilliantly shining light was the lainch of the new Woolf Zine. Editor Séan Richardson is a first year PhD student at Nottingham Trent University, working on queer writers and Modernism, and he runs the Modernist Podcast. His love for Virginia Woolf led to the desireContinue reading “Ramblings, responses and ruminations with the founder of the new Woolf Zine”

Christmas Turkey – the perfect performance?

‘Baby, it’s cold outside.’ Sang Dean Martin. But in the song the winter chill and falling snowflakes were all part of the Christmas magic. That’s not the same for everyone. For many there’s no delight in snow, no opportunity to warm up with mulled wine, no open fire around which to sing, and no familyContinue reading “Christmas Turkey – the perfect performance?”

Qualitative Research in Arts and Mental Health: Context, meaning and evidence

Written for McPin This book, edited by Theo Stickley, associate professor of mental health at the university of Nottingham and expert on mental health, arts and health, counselling or nurse education, brings together three rather nebulous and difficult to define concepts – qualitative, art, and mental health – with the aim of proving, at leastContinue reading “Qualitative Research in Arts and Mental Health: Context, meaning and evidence”

Till Deaf Do Us Party Records present A Compilation in aid of CALM Part II

Proving that not all charity complications require Bono to be involved, Till Deaf Do Us Party Records present A Compilation in aid of CALM Part II. Following up from last year’s album, this twenty track compliation features The Xcerts, Night Owls, Tellison, Lonely The Brave and Allusondrugs. It continues to shock me that suicide isContinue reading “Till Deaf Do Us Party Records present A Compilation in aid of CALM Part II”