Crowded – spoken word and mental health drama

Crowded, an immersive new spoken word drama for teenagers and adults by children’s theatre specialists Half Moon Theatre and Apples and Snake, England’s leading spoken word poetry organisation, embarks on a nationwide 10 venue tour, from Wednesday 6 November to Friday 22 November 2019, premiering at Half Moon Theatre for ten performances. Developed in directContinue reading “Crowded – spoken word and mental health drama”

Head Talks

When it comes to our mental health, we could all do with a little support. Whether struggling with a specific diagnosis, or experiencing more transient feelings that are having a negative impact on your life, it’s crucial to find healthy ways to copes. New website Head Talks aims to support mental wellbeing by providing aContinue reading “Head Talks”

What can big data do for mental health treatment?

Breakthroughs for understanding and treating conditions like cancer have been transformed by harnessing big data – but its potential has not yet been met in mental health. Treatments are most effective when they are delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. Currently we don’t know what mental health treatments will workContinue reading “What can big data do for mental health treatment?”

Clare Fisher – All The Good Things

‘What if you did a very bad thing… but that wasn’t the end of the story,’ reads the blurb. It’s never the end of the story. As you might expect from the title All The Good Things, Clare Fisher‘s novel doesn’t take such a straightforward view. This isn’t a book about good things, but theContinue reading “Clare Fisher – All The Good Things”