Electric Eden – rare songs from England's greatest

In 2010 Rob Young published through Faber & Faber Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain’s Visionary Music,  a narrative survey that mapped out a native British musical voice that reflected the complex relationships between town and country, progress and nostalgia, radicalism and conservatism. To accompany the acclaimed book he has handpicked 36 songs that are ‘designed to follow the flowContinue reading “Electric Eden – rare songs from England's greatest”

A Sunday afternoon in Reading – Festival 2012!

A little bit corporate, somewhat dirty, with its big wire fencing, dusty paths, and discarded chip trays, Reading Festival isn’t one I usually cite as one of my favourites, sometimes lacking the spirit and joie de vivre that percolates smaller festivals. However, with a big reputation, big bucks, and a big profile, it does attractContinue reading “A Sunday afternoon in Reading – Festival 2012!”

2:54 – Sugar

To get everyone heading to the forthcoming gigs (see below) and in the mood for brooding nocturnal powerful pop, 2:54, sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow have revealed their video for new single Sugar. Immerse yourself in this deliciously dark dancefloor gem. 7 / 27                        Camp Bestival, Dorchester 24/8                          Leeds Festival, Leeds 26/8                          Reading Festival,Continue reading “2:54 – Sugar”

Free download from Glitches.

Glitches Dust & Shadow If the name ‘glitches’ was a song, it would sound like this. All electro squeezes, dashing arrangements and shadowy vocals. And it would be free to download. Ta da, enter Dust & Shadow, a free download from Whitechapel based band Glitches, to celebrate the release of their new single Leper onContinue reading “Free download from Glitches.”

Hungry Kids of Hungary – Escapades

Released August 20th on Mucho Bravado Records Not Hungarian at all, but Australian. Possibly hungry. We don’t know. Debut EP Escapades from Hungry Kids of Hungary will be out in the UK on August 20th, courtesy of Mucho Bravado Records. Lead track Wristwatch is a bouncy and rhythmic tune, proving that healthy doses of VitaminContinue reading “Hungry Kids of Hungary – Escapades”