BBC Introducing – Musician’s Masterclass 2013 – need to know

On March 21st the BBC ran sessions around the UK inviting musicians, industry experts and fans to learn about the industry, in a day of advice sessions, expert panels, and conferences. Here are some of the highlights and learnings. Some are obvious, some may change the way you have considered things, all are worth reading.Continue reading “BBC Introducing – Musician’s Masterclass 2013 – need to know”

The best Christmas present yet?

Pulp – After You It’s All Happening loved their socks, were rapt at the gifts of cheap aftershave, and utterly delighted with the sixth tin of Family Circle biscuits, but this post from Jarvis and the gang has got to top all the presents. The enviably lucky attendees of Pulp’s recent Sheffield homecoming show were wereContinue reading “The best Christmas present yet?”

New video from Beneath The Wave

Despite having only lived here for four years, and spent 14 months of  that looking for houses elsewhere in London, and 22 months on trains and buses back from other places in the city, a certain level of pride swells up in me when I hear a band from West London. So it is withContinue reading “New video from Beneath The Wave”

Spring Offensive – Not Drowning But Waving

It’s always nice to see a band doing things their own way, and Spring Offensive are certainly a band who do just that. The excellent new single ‘Not Drowning But Waving’ has a video that was created and directed by the band themselves. Spring Offensive guitarist and video creator/ director Matt Cooper states “The video takesContinue reading “Spring Offensive – Not Drowning But Waving”

Once More With Heart – a song of the summer

Entries have been coming in thick and fast for Music Jobs’ Sounds of the Summer mixtape, and Secret Rivals are one of the lucky ten to have been chosen. Once More With Heartjoins songs from Benoit Viellefon Hot Club, Dead Social Club, Hattie Murdoch, No F In Irony, Woosley Cone, Jibilicious, HOWE, The Hobos, The Stowaways,Continue reading “Once More With Heart – a song of the summer”