The Rock and Roll Circus – A Collection of Calamity Vol 3

The Rock and Roll Circus, the crazily psychedelic recording studio in Leeds famed for its creative juice inducing decor has released its third compilation, the aptly named A Collection of Calamity Volume 3, a collection of tracks recorded his year in the hallucinogenic walls. From the sneeringly Stooge-eqsue Midnight by British Racing Green and CrrreepContinue reading “The Rock and Roll Circus – A Collection of Calamity Vol 3”

Twin Sister – All Around And Away We Go

I think the start is very Guillemotsy, and I quite like the way it sounds like its being played in a tin can, before it sort of dribbles  out… FB Video isn’t particularly work friendly is it? I liked it though, it was like Cat Power if she sung in a pout/with her cheeks pulledContinue reading “Twin Sister – All Around And Away We Go”

Summer Camp new video

‘This is my life/ as the world turns to 3am/ spinning round, there’s no hope’ sings Jeremy Warmsley of Summer Camp, caught in an unending party loop, the futility and frustrations of life are captured on the Chris Boyle directed Down better than a sepia tone camera could. Released today (Monday 7th November) on Moshi Moshi.