White Sands – The Wait

Three minutes of fuzzy frantic frustration from tripartite shoegaze supergroup White Sands. Formed of Conan Roberts (Mazes), Sophy Hollington (Novella) and John Arthur Webb (Male Bonding). The Wait is one of three tracks on their debut 7″, and sees the band members take influences from their other projects, but heighten the intensity, the burn and theContinue reading “White Sands – The Wait”

Mazes – Hayfever Wristband

Mazes have announced a new album, Better Ghosts, a ten track mini-album (longer than some) that will be released on 21st November via FatCat Records on vinyl and digital download. This is the first track, Hayfever Wristband, and it is tight as a slinky, it curves and jitters, the metronome beat flickering away and keepingContinue reading “Mazes – Hayfever Wristband”

Mazes – Bodies

Let’s get this out of the way first – on this record Jack Cooper’s vocals are sort of irritating. Yet also interesting, which is probably what attracted Brighton based super hip label Fat Cats to Mazes in the first place, that and their own uber indie credentials –  bassist Conan Roberts runs Italian Beach BabesContinue reading “Mazes – Bodies”

Three for Free

October 29th 2012 Nothing ghoulish or scary in Halloween week, but all free, free, free as a bird. Night Engine – On and On Insistent and swelling, On and On by Night Engine has a funky formation that is worlds away from the current craze for soundscape and wafty whoozy ambience. Forming only this year, theContinue reading “Three for Free”