Ex Hex – Don’t Wanna Lose

Want some frantic and fuzzy girl punk? Mary Timony is the lady to know. A central member of several punk bands including Autoclave in 1990, then through the ’90s  Helium, rocking solo for a bit before rocking vocals and guitars for supergroup Wild Flag she now has a new project – Ex Hex. First single Don’t Wanna Lose is incredibly vibrant and raw,Continue reading “Ex Hex – Don’t Wanna Lose”

Sparkadia – Mary

Gold Dust 14th Feb 2011 Francesca Baker A limited edition 7” released to celebrate/commiserate Valentine’s Day, ‘Mary’ starts with huge dollops of promise, some plinky piano and smooth rolling vocals, building up in tandem to a singalong and swayalong chorus. A stripping back followed by edgy guitar at two minutes, prior to a Killers styleContinue reading “Sparkadia – Mary”