Lemn Sissay – Something Dark

Lemn Sissay is really funny. Even when talking about difficult subjects. Like being adopted, rejected by his foster family, and embarking out to find family and his place in the world. The man can tell a tale, and does so brilliantly in his reading of his one man show Something Dark. Although this show atContinue reading “Lemn Sissay – Something Dark”

The Play That Goes Wrong got it right

Please note that this review will be somewhat shorter than usual due to the reviewers being either unable to see the performance due to tears of laughter, hear the actors above raucous enjoyment and snorting, and having to leave the Marlowe Theatre auditorium on a few occasions due to fear of peeing oneself with laughter.Continue reading “The Play That Goes Wrong got it right”

The Red Shoes at The Marlowe Theatre – #2

Whilst I enjoy all types of performance and art, I could never say that I’m an expert in ballet. I’ve been known to yawn, and even sneak out during epically long performances through which I struggle to follow any kind of storyline. So it was nice to see a performance that was not only soContinue reading “The Red Shoes at The Marlowe Theatre – #2”

The Red Shoes at Marlowe Theatre

Back in 1948 Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger took Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale about a pair of red ballet shoes which force their wearer to dance until she dies, and turned it into a technicolour parable on the all-consuming nature of art. Last year, as the culmination of a twenty year ambition and thirty yearContinue reading “The Red Shoes at Marlowe Theatre”

Million Dollar Quartet

  Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury ‘Ain’t nothin’ more fun than rock’n’roll.’ A line said once, but a sentiment repeated throughout Million Dollar Quartet, the ninety minute jukebox stage show that tells the story of a night in December 1956 at Sun Records, Memphis. Four stars, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis gatheredContinue reading “Million Dollar Quartet”