Handlebards present Much Ado About Nothing

The thing about Shakespeare, is that everyone takes him so seriously. Are we being faithful to the text? Have we captured the context of the time? What exactly was he trying to say here? Angst and hours have been sweated over trying to read and perform the perfect Shakespeare play. But maybe we’re just meantContinue reading “Handlebards present Much Ado About Nothing”

Rita, Sue and Bob Too at The Marlowe Theatre

Andrea Dunbar was an incredible woman. At the age of 17 she fled an abusive relationship, armed only with her baby and some notes, which became The Arbor. At 19 she had Rita, Sue and Bob Too. By the time she was 23, Andrea had given birth to three children, all by different fathers. DespiteContinue reading “Rita, Sue and Bob Too at The Marlowe Theatre”

An Officer and a Gentleman

The eighties are everywhere, and nostalgia is big business. Numerous films of the decade are finding themselves taken to the stage, and An Officer and a Gentleman is one of them. This version of the Richard Gere and Debra Winger movie in which trainee US Navy pilot Zack falls in love with factory worker PaulaContinue reading “An Officer and a Gentleman”

A Century of Coal

The story of the Kent coalfields is, as the director and producer of A Century of Coal Peter Williams told us at The Marlowe Theatre, is a ‘unique’ one. The county is usually described as a green and verdant garden or known for its fecund agriculture. Black fuel and deep pits are things we don’tContinue reading “A Century of Coal”

COAL at The Marlowe

A dinner table, a pile of spuds. A morning break and a quick kickabout. A gleam of sunlight after hours underground. Snapshots of life in a coalmining community. But in the 1980s it all came under threat. Dance show COAL is the true story of an industry and a community’s fight for survival in the faceContinue reading “COAL at The Marlowe”