Balls, booze and banter

In Shoreditch anything can happen. Stick a bunch of old rubbish in the downstairs of a warehouse and get people to come along and pay to hit a ball around it until it falls into a hole. I guess it’s slightly more novel than asking them to hit a ball around a lawn until itContinue reading “Balls, booze and banter”

Emma Jane Unsworth – Animals

Life isn’t easy. Even when it doesn’t appear to be that hard. Life is what Animals, the new novel from Emma Jane Unsworth deals with, with clarity, and comically. That hazy space between teen years and adulthood, settling for and settling down, entertainment and recklessness, freedom and responsibility, and all the trappings and traumas involvedContinue reading “Emma Jane Unsworth – Animals”

Temple Songs – Passed Caring

Passed Caring is a song full of rusted riffs, enveloping in melodies rumpled and weary vocals, whirling and whirring through its insistent beats. Building from its opening the sound is couched in complexity and ooze sixties psych. The Manchester four piece Temple Songs are signed to RIP records and prepping for heir debut album. InContinue reading “Temple Songs – Passed Caring”

Darktown Jubilee – Stay

Darktown Jubilee‘s new crowd pleasing single Stay, out on February 19th, is the first from debut album The World, The Devil & The Flesh, released February 25th. Driving guitars and a simple singalong chorus, this is MOR indie.  If we tell you that they are from Manchester, influenced by The Temper Trap, and the trackContinue reading “Darktown Jubilee – Stay”