Malta Takes London

A little island in the Mediterranean is usually better known for its crystal blue seas, rocky coves, warm weather and tasty cuisine than rocking music and good tunes, but as the next country showcase to hit the capital proves, Malta more than punches above its weight. Malta takes London was created by Maltese musicians for Maltese musicians inContinue reading “Malta Takes London”

A movie trip around Malta

Sunny skies, historic buildings, dramatic scenery and the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean (as well as favourable tax rates – the Malta Film Commission offer various incentives to attract overseas film-makers) have seen Malta play host to film makers from all countries and genres over the years. Check out some pretty spots on this tiny island toContinue reading “A movie trip around Malta”

Malta – the tourist authority's got it wrong

The best thing for anyone thinking of travelling to Malta to do is to ignore all the guides. But if you’re still reading this, I can see that you’re not going to do that. So I will at least attempt to guide you to those places that help uncover the real Malta. Visit the mainContinue reading “Malta – the tourist authority's got it wrong”