Help Secret Rivals make music

Due to the unfair nature of the music industry (nay, life), sometimes the best bands are not the ones awash with the cash to make the music they want to give to the people who want to hear it. To fund some of the recording and production of their debut album, Secret Rivals are goingContinue reading “Help Secret Rivals make music”

Secret Rivals Make Do And Mend Part 2 – nice stuff people are saying…

Secret Rivals land in May with Make Do And Mend (part 2), the follow up (as the name suggests) to the 2011 Make Do And Mend, which was picked up, praised and played by ,amongst others, indie taste makers Tom Robinson, Steve Lamacq and Rob Da Bank. Continuing with their deliciously scuzzy pop sound, nfluencedContinue reading “Secret Rivals Make Do And Mend Part 2 – nice stuff people are saying…”

Secret Rivals – Make Do And Mend

Out 15th September, on HasLegs Records. Reviewed by Francesca Baker.  The mp3 player automatically files Make Do And Mend as indie pop but to file Secret Rivals away as another melodic band with saccharin sweet guitars would be reductionist, not to mention wrong. Comparisons to Los Campesinos will never be removed, the oscillating melodies, conversantContinue reading “Secret Rivals – Make Do And Mend”