The Empath – Exploring the link between high sensitivity and eating disorders

Until I saw The Empath, I’d never heard of Highly Sensitive People. I had however met many. Sensitive to change, a complex tangle of emotions, highly conscientious, easily overwhelmed, feeling a need to withdraw, needing to avoid upsetting or overwhelming situations, highly attuned to other people’s feelings, often emotional, shy and self critical. All ofContinue reading “The Empath – Exploring the link between high sensitivity and eating disorders”

An interview with….98 Wounds

Magazines tend to be filled with words, but they say that a picture speaks a thousand of them. 98 Wounds is a magazine which embraces that, focusing upon music photography rather than reviews and articles. The first issue was produced in March 2013, but the real story goes back earlier than this. A photographer by tradeContinue reading “An interview with….98 Wounds”

Doll Hospital – a place to be oneself

On some recent travels across the world wide web I came across a brilliant new magazine named Doll Hospital. A print journal, it is creative and inspirational collection of art, poetry, words and wisdom that explores mental health without prejudice or preconceptions. I caught up with creator Beth Lamont to find out more. Why did you decideContinue reading “Doll Hospital – a place to be oneself”

Alan Hollinghurst – The Stranger’s Child

Glory Days – WWII Book Reviews Issue seven of New Zealand’s premier vintage lifestyle publication coincided with the start of the World War I centenary, so, in the spirit of remembrance, they focus on stories related to both World Wars this issue. One of which is a little book review of Alan Hollinghurst’s The Stranger’s Child.