Neil Cousin – Bonfire

Released 5th November 2011 on Olibug Reviewed by Francesca Baker The fourth album from Neil Cousin as a solo artist, Bonfire is the first to feature ‘a band’, with dense strings, varied piano laments and propulsive drums all contributed by friends and artists discovered on the way, in true bohemian style. The timing of theContinue reading “Neil Cousin – Bonfire”

Sparkadia – Mary

Gold Dust 14th Feb 2011 Francesca Baker A limited edition 7” released to celebrate/commiserate Valentine’s Day, ‘Mary’ starts with huge dollops of promise, some plinky piano and smooth rolling vocals, building up in tandem to a singalong and swayalong chorus. A stripping back followed by edgy guitar at two minutes, prior to a Killers styleContinue reading “Sparkadia – Mary”

Boy & Bear

When interviewing a band it’s always a good idea to try and get them on your side from the start. It’s simple really: get them to like you and they will be more willing to chat. With this in mind it was perhaps a mistake to begin the interview with Tim and Killian from AustralianContinue reading “Boy & Bear”