Lusts – true romance

Shimmering synths, electronic beats and eerie vocals combine on true romance, the latest tune from Lusts. Otherworldly at the same time as being rooted in city grit, it’s got a dancey hook and pacey beats. Brothers Andrew and James Stone, are returning with their brand new LP call of the void, out November 16th. Of theContinue reading “Lusts – true romance”

What We Talk About When We Talk About Cities (And Love) – Andy Merrifield

Taking its name from Ray Carver’s short story collection, What We Talk About When We Talk About Cities (And Love) is very heavy in literary references, as it’s what Andy Merrifield knows. Having dropped out of his Liverpool schools at 16, he taught himself and wound up an academic. He hated Liverpool – the dirt,Continue reading “What We Talk About When We Talk About Cities (And Love) – Andy Merrifield”

Secret Shores by Ella Carey

Secret Shores is a glorious book. Ella Carey takes us on a journey through the eighties publishing world in New York, the Australian post war modernist movement, romantic Rome and the inner world of her characters through intelligent and enthralling prose. Our protagonist, Tess Miller finds her editing career floundering when she’s given a newContinue reading “Secret Shores by Ella Carey”

Five Outdoor Dates in Kent

As the Garden of England, when you’re in Kent it’s only right to get outside and play. If you’re about to plan a date with someone new, eschew the usual dinner and wine, and check out some of these ideas. Visit the loveliest castle in the world That’s what Lord Conway famously called Leeds Castle.Continue reading “Five Outdoor Dates in Kent”

FloVibe – where retreat meets beats

The thing about most festivals is that whilst they are super fun, the combination of mud, hangovers and tiredness can make you feel pretty rubbish. You return on Monday depleted and depressed, ready to sleep for a month. The creators of FloVibe – Jason Pooley (The House of Yoga) and collaborator Lou Wellby of Jam SandwichContinue reading “FloVibe – where retreat meets beats”