Lewisburg – Wasted/Clear The Air

Lewisburg are a band from North London born out of the solo project of singer-songwriter Ali Robertson. Crafting potent tunes that drip with nostalgia, their mellifluous musings are raw and enveloping, even in their easiness. Sinuous and tactile, Clear The Air ambles along with an enchanting darkness. Wasted is a more stripped back tune, fully immersedContinue reading “Lewisburg – Wasted/Clear The Air”

England’s Lane – Emma Woolf

England’s Lane might be named after a place, but it’s a novel about people, and the relationships between them. Emma Woolf’s debut novel is a warm and heartfelt read about three people and the connections between them. Harry isn’t a likeable character – he’s cheating on his wife – but his depression and subsequent suicideContinue reading “England’s Lane – Emma Woolf”

Ghostpoet & EERA at Roundhouse London

9th November 2017 With a thunderous quiver EERA and her band mates launch into Living. Her songs are like steely clouds, heavy in the venue. With black lips and a white guitar that’s bigger than she is, she’s a captivating force on the stage, vivid and expressive. Melodies swim sullenly over guttural assaults of chordsContinue reading “Ghostpoet & EERA at Roundhouse London”

Crowdsourcing The City

Businesses and entrepreneurs know that if they want their product or enterprise to be successful, they have to listen to the people using it. Customer testing, focus groups, crowdfunding, multi-disciplinary discussions, cross-departmental workshops and expert consultations are all strategies used to increase knowledge about their audience and find ways to deliver the best products andContinue reading “Crowdsourcing The City”