Liverpool Sound City – first names revealed

Liverpool has something of a musical history, with a few famous bands have come out of the Mersey city over the years. It continues to have a thriving cultural scene, and arts and music pulse through the city. There’s plenty going on, and Liverpool Sound City, the annual showcase of local, national and international acts,Continue reading “Liverpool Sound City – first names revealed”

Hooten Tennis Club – Jasper

Hooten Tennis Club‘s motto is ‘seize the day, tomorrow’ and there’s certainly an element of the lazy slacker vibe on first single Jasper, the guitar work rolling alone as it catches up with the track of the drum beat. With an enjoyable leisurely pace but fitting in a dense array of sound, the new single stridesContinue reading “Hooten Tennis Club – Jasper”

Sea Witches – Stars

Four piece Liverpool band Sea Witches make dirty pop music that simmers and seethes with an attractive malevolence. Punchy as well as expansive, they have a certain eighties goth vibe about them, as well as the ‘Epic angst disco’ that Jo recently revealed they are aiming for. New single Stars is brooding and full ofContinue reading “Sea Witches – Stars”

All We Are – Keep Me Alive

A soaring pop tune, with bounding pulses, Keep Me Alive, is like a walk on an dark path, the brightness at the end teasing with twinkling stars splattered on the blackness. A solid rhythm section under chiming vocals and skittish melodies blends before building up to a persuasive R’n’B flecked psychedelic swirling apex. The single will beContinue reading “All We Are – Keep Me Alive”