Othello Woolf @ Madame Jojo's Soho 4 Sept 2010

Francesca Baker His name sake demanded ‘ocular proof’, and tonight we got that – not proof of Desdemona’s infidelity, but Othello Woolf’s drive and desire, an enthusiasm equalled in talent. Gracing the cabaret stage of Soho’s Madame Jojo’s, Othello appeared to be a hybrid of characters, in his Val Doonican cardi, eyes looking over theContinue reading “Othello Woolf @ Madame Jojo's Soho 4 Sept 2010”

Is there something in the fjords?

Norway. Officially titled Kingdom of Norway, this northern European country of 4.5 million people is best known for its beautiful fjords, cold climate, having the highest GDP in the world…and being a hot bed of musical talent? Harrys Gym and Katzenjammerare two very different, and more than very decent, bands to emerge. The Norwegian seasonal cycles of sixContinue reading “Is there something in the fjords?”

Charli XCX @ HMV Next Big Thing, The Borderline 5 February 2010

Music is full of dichotomies. If only it was as simple as being ‘all about the music.’ In the past week I‟ve been reminded how muchAdd New more to the whole shebang there really is. Take Goldhawks on Tuesday night (3rd Feb) at Hoxton Bar & Grill – some alright tunes, bit of a Bono complex,Continue reading “Charli XCX @ HMV Next Big Thing, The Borderline 5 February 2010”

Sky Larkin @ Hoxton Bar & Grill

Sky Larkin @ Hoxton Bar & Grill 19 Nov 2009 Levi’s One to Watch is renouned to pinpointing the bands which have flown under the radar but are hotly tipped as big talents for the New Year. According to Noize’s Francesca Barker, Leeds outfit Sky Larkin more than proved their worth last month and tellsContinue reading “Sky Larkin @ Hoxton Bar & Grill”

Truck Trio – 2009

Three of the best bands from this year’s Truck Festival. We would say it was truckin’ awesome, but that’s been done to death… Sam Isaac Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World, 0/10 from the NME – the music press are divided on Sam Isaac, which is surprising given the inoffensive nature of his music. HopefulContinue reading “Truck Trio – 2009”