Chew Lips

Euphoric and uninhibited eighties pop, if ChewLips were a packet of sweets, they’d be Refreshers. Tigs is a buoyant frontwoman, embodying the pulsating rhythms and smooth vibrations of tracks like ‘Solo’ and ‘Salt Air.’ Seductive and stimulating, ChewLips are an effulgent part of what is quickly becoming a saturated genre..Whether shadow boxing, doing the ropeContinue reading “Chew Lips”

Ip Dip Who?

With a line up denser than Abi Titmuss, coupled with the unfortunate limitations of physics and philosophy rendering us stuck in one place at one time, even Lester Bangs would have found it hard to decide which band to head to. Why not make your pick based solely on the curious creativity of the bandContinue reading “Ip Dip Who?”

Blood Red Shoes – Cro Bar

Debut album ;Box of Secrets’ set some high standards for Blood Red Shoes to reach. The tricky second album is made even more tricky when the first was so damn good. Secondly, it‟s always interesting to see if an album that does appear to capture the raw energy and vigour can be matched by theContinue reading “Blood Red Shoes – Cro Bar”

Good Ship Albion Sails Back

Codex The Libertines have reformed! And their comeback gig is as support to The Automatic at Hoxton Bar and Grill! It didn’t take a genius to realise these two things are, well, lies. Codex had, however, done their best to trick me with the Barat-esque hair and the Doherty style Trilby. Aside from the aesthetics, Codex stillContinue reading “Good Ship Albion Sails Back”

The Bishops Head West

David Wells The Monday night audience at the Louisiana in Bristol is a bit sparse for London three piece, The Bishops. Despite this they blast through a 45-minute set of material from both their albums including recent singles “If You Leave Today” and “City Lights.” All the way through a rather drunk punter has been shoutingContinue reading “The Bishops Head West”