Liu Bei – Mind Over Matter

 London duo Liu Bei will release double a side Mind Over Matter / Philip Seymour Hoffman on 25th September via Famous Friends. Describing themselves as having emerged from a ‘reverb fog’ Mind Over Matter is an enigmatic and immediate piece of joyous swollen pop that brims with sweetness. Catch them live in October to celebrateContinue reading “Liu Bei – Mind Over Matter”

Liu Bei – Goodness

Heartfelt and tender, Liu Bei‘s latest EP Goodness, out now via Museumgoer Records, is a record of delicate and yearning music, filled with glistening synths and delicate melodies and exuding an intricate power that quivers and sways in a place of filmy suspense. There’s no sense of boundaries, just an expansive exploration of acute feeling,Continue reading “Liu Bei – Goodness”

Liu Bei – Infatuation

“We heard something on the radio about Liu Bei, a Chinese warlord who was known as an amazing strategist and a really caring, benevolent leader. He was also eight feet tall and had ears so big he could see them. Seemed like something to aspire to.” That’s surely all you need to know to knowContinue reading “Liu Bei – Infatuation”