Pre-order new Secret Rivals EP now!

Secret Rivals will be releasing Make Do And Mend (Part 2) on May 28th, on It’s All Happening Records, and as we know you like to be one step ahead of the crowd, you can pre order it here. Featuring recent single Once More With Heart and I Know Something, the record retains the anxious energy of PartContinue reading “Pre-order new Secret Rivals EP now!”

Tennis – Young & Old

Released on February 14th 2011 on ATP Recordings Reviewed by Francesca Baker ‘How tennis racquets evolved from the earliest pre-racquets through the long wooden era.’ That’s the first thing you find when googling tennis and origins. Dull. Thankfully, the new album from Tennis, Young & Old, sounds more like the pleasant side of tennis, aContinue reading “Tennis – Young & Old”