Sky Larkin: wave after wave of brilliance

Given that they are about to kick of their UK tour to support new album Motto, the one subject to rave reviews, 8/10 ratings and general buzz, Katie Harkin, founder, writer, singer and guitarist of Sky Larkin would be forgiven for feeling nervous or frantic, buzzing about the attention she is receiving and anxious asContinue reading “Sky Larkin: wave after wave of brilliance”

Sky Larkin – Motto

It’s been a crazy couple of years for Katie Harkin and Sky Larkin. A two year break, travel through 28 countries, line up change, and dalliances with other bands, including local Leeds pals Wild Beasts and Menace Beach. But it’s not these that influence new, and third, album Motto, released on Wichita, but rather anContinue reading “Sky Larkin – Motto”

Jack Edwards – Falling In Love

A song about forgetting and about falling, delivery from darkness and landing in light, Falling In Love, performed by Jack Edwards Band and written by Pete Darling is a hauntingly beautiful song, structured around three simple chords, exploring the cycles and movements and love and losses and the disarmingly transient nature of the two. The video,Continue reading “Jack Edwards – Falling In Love”

Festival Finder

Stuck for which festival to go to this summer? Check out this hugely useful interactive tool to help you decide. Created by thetrainline it allows you to select your favourite artists – and reveals the perfect festival for you. Click image to open interactive version (via