Online courses

I’m offering online workshops, that you can learn more about here…. Five Ways To Wellbeing An introduction to how you can use writing for wellbeing, health and happiness, based on the New Economics Foundation Five Ways to Wellbeing. Based on research spanning scientific research, organisational frameworks, government policy efficacy and individuals, the government think takeContinue reading “Online courses”

BUST Craftacular

As should now be apparent, craft is super cool. An expression of personality, and opportunity to indulge the creative side, and a desire to be a bit more authentic in how we consume, there’s a whole host of people not only dabbling in craft but popping up and making a living from them. Super sassyContinue reading “BUST Craftacular”

Memories & Vulnerability at Lumb Bank

In the couple of weeks before my ‘Memoir: Shaping narratives’ week at Arvon’s Lumb Bank, I suddenly felt too young to be writing a memoir, which I am. It’s not the end of my life. Memoirs are for old people. Besides, what do I have to say? The other people on the course all hadContinue reading “Memories & Vulnerability at Lumb Bank”

Stirred – a luxurious way to learn to cook like mama

Travel lust strikes already. Especially when it involves beautiful scenery, warm weather, and delicious food. Cookery schools are popping up all around the world, tapping into the desire to create and learn, as well as nourish and nurture ourselves, in a world where busy schedules often mean that we don’t take the time to feedContinue reading “Stirred – a luxurious way to learn to cook like mama”