Salt Cathedral – Fields

Salt Cathedral have launched their newest video Fields, a delightful and sparkling set following a ageing and ailing man discovering glimmers of joy. Flickering with steady patterns of sonically colourful ephemera, interspersed with lush harmonic vocals, all over a cantering beat, the song is built of many layers, Dripping with mesmerising and cinematic ambience, it’sContinue reading “Salt Cathedral – Fields”

Stories from songs – live!

Launch event at The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green. Friday August 30th, 7.30pm Still time to get involved! Stories about songs was set up by Francesca and Jamie due to a love of the aforementioned “s” words and general delight found in music and words. They also can never sit still and dabble in zine makingContinue reading “Stories from songs – live!”

August And After – Embers

Released August 1st Two people, ten guest musicians, a haunt of instruments, and an album of subtle beauty. August and After, also known as Ned Mortimer and Vedantha Kumar, release Embers, an album with a title well chosen, its beauty lying in its gentle flickering rather than any brash roar. Music of a vespertine air, as theContinue reading “August And After – Embers”

Kirsty Merryn EP – Launch

The Islington, June 2nd An evening of entertainment, all to celebrate the launch of a special EP. Sunday evenings, especially those spent in the sun, can result in something of a lethargic mood. Could Eiko, Drew Worthley and Kirsty Merryn all excite The Islington on this evening organised as part of the Massive Arms collective?Continue reading “Kirsty Merryn EP – Launch”