Sons Of An Illustrious Father – Extraordinary Rendition

New York City’s Sons Of An Illustrious Father – comprised of Josh Aubin, Lilah Larson, and Ezra Miller – have revealed their latest tune, Extraordinary Rendition. Featuring a video with a dance routine that Steps might undertake were they to go gothic and macabre, it’s a mix of riotous rock and sinister electronic synths.

Lou Rhodes – All The Birds

Lou Rhodes, formally of Lamb, has announced the release of her fourth album theyesandeye, to be released on newly re-established Nude Records on 22nd July 2016. First tune All The Birds is a rich palette of piano, harp and strings, quivering reverbs and hints of psychedelia, all laced up with her gentle but powerful vocals. A songContinue reading “Lou Rhodes – All The Birds”

Whistlejacket – Duck Soup

Whistlejacket have announced that they’ll be giving away a free download of Duck Soup  another track from their upcoming What I Ate On Sunday EP, released on Feb 5th via Fierce Panda Records. Starting off like a shimmering Supersonic, it soon breaks out in urgent squealing guitars and clean drumming that merges psychedelic shoehaze andContinue reading “Whistlejacket – Duck Soup”

Rhyming imperfectly – an interview with Rainbow Reservoir

Rainbow Reservoir make music that sound like the name. Glistening, bright, bouncing with happiness, and with hidden depths. The baby of multi talented and multi instrumentalist Angela Space, the second EP, 400 Imperfect Rhymes was released on July 14th, with the cast of Oli Steadman, Rob Steadman and Duncan McNaughton all collaborating on production and performance.Continue reading “Rhyming imperfectly – an interview with Rainbow Reservoir”

Grass House – Marshall Teller

So on first listen of Grass House‘s I Was A Streetlight I feared a bit of Mumfords. But then I realised the voice had depth, the chords brimmed with real intensity, the sound was one of life lived rather than one imagined, and, I liked them. Released on Marshall Teller on Sept 2nd. The songContinue reading “Grass House – Marshall Teller”