The NYCO Project – The New Machine

Not only are The NYCO Project a band with stellar sounds, they are on with something to say and an interesting way to say it. A psychedelic indie rock band from London they tell us they are experimenting with their recording process. How many bands claim to be original and experimental, my horribly cynical mindContinue reading “The NYCO Project – The New Machine”

The Manic Shine – Blindsider

Released 26th March 2012 on The Animal Farm Reviewed by Steve Boniface Rock band The Manic Shine claim to have discovered an illness called ‘Sickotrashmusicitis’. Described as the ‘chronic feeling of lethargy and nausea when listening to music on mainstream radio’, it seems to have only one cure. No prizes for guessing what that mightContinue reading “The Manic Shine – Blindsider”

Jake Morley – Many Fish To Fry

Released March 26th 2012 on Sandwich Emporium Records Reviewed by Steve Boniface With the current wave of male solo singer-songwriters taking their place in the public consciousness it’s hard to say whether or not Jake Morley’s emergence is perfectly timed. The current focus on artists such as Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran could mean thatContinue reading “Jake Morley – Many Fish To Fry”