Trust Fund – No One’s Coming For Us

Debut album No One’s Coming For Us by Trust Fund, the brainchild and output of Bristol’s Ellis Jones, is filled with a sparklingly melancholy and elements of pained introspection. There’s singalong choruses and shoegazey fuzz on Cut Me Out, upbeat rhythms on Sadness, as well as optimistic high pitched indie pop songcraft, a la Essay To Write.Continue reading “Trust Fund – No One’s Coming For Us”

Tussilago – Say Hello

It’s not always just the mindset and experience that influences writing and recording, but place plays a big part. Recorded in the hazy hills of Portugal , Say Hello, the new single from Stockholm-based quartet Tussilago, sounds full of blossom and nature, although always with the potential than a mist may roll up. Dreamy landscapesContinue reading “Tussilago – Say Hello”

Up With People, down in the Wairarapa

‘In any town there’s a kid with a guitar.’ we both say, gulping down coffee in the early morning sun. As well as both being convinced of this fact, Mark Rogers and I both believe that this, and a bit of ‘get up and go’, is  all that is  needed to start gigs in anyContinue reading “Up With People, down in the Wairarapa”

The Khmer Revival of Rock ’n’ Roll: Indie Music in Cambodia

The sounds of drums and rock guitar pierce the air, young voices roar above their buzzing audience: no, this is not a gig in London or New York. It is the sound of Cambodia’s rock revival. As Francesca Baker attests, Khmer music is undergoing a rebirth and emerging as more energetic and determined than everContinue reading “The Khmer Revival of Rock ’n’ Roll: Indie Music in Cambodia”